Universal Masking Is Being Proposed

It seems that universal masking might be getting proposed, even for those that have already been vaccinated. There have also been discussions between the White House and CDC about masks for all of America, according to Fox News.

Some people have been pushing to require masks for vaccinated people for weeks. But the fact that such discussions are happening at high levels in the administration reflects the fact calls are increasing, especially among the political left, to force masks back on all Americans to stem the spread of the delta COVID variant. 

And the Biden administration carefully tiptoed around questions about potentially updating mask guidance Thursday, declaring that no change in guidance has happened yet while not denying that a change could come. 

“The head of the CDC, our public health arm, just spoke to this earlier this morning and made clear that there had not been a decision to change our mask guidance,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday. “We are guided by science and we’re guided by our public health experts and any decision would come from the CDC… There has been no decision to change our mask guidelines.”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky emphasized that vaccinated people have very significant protection from the virus and that people who aren’t vaccinated should wear masks. But she also declined to say whether the CDC might update its guidance to say vaccinated people should wear masks indoors. 

“Overall the CDC recommendations haven’t changed,” she said.

In response to a separate query from Fox News, a CDC spokesperson made comments very similar to Walensky’s – touting the importance of vaccines while not denying that guidance from the agency could change.

Spokesperson Jasmine Reed also said, “People may want to wear masks and maintain physical distance if they are in an area with high case rates and lower vaccinations and/or where delta variant cases are rising.”

Biden himself said that his COVID-19 advisory board was looking into the matter Thursday, and also did not specifically rule out a change in recommendations. 

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