Americans Express Their Opinions On New Mask Mandate On Fox News

With mask mandates being revised, Fox News decided to ask the people of Washington, DC what they thought about the issue.

“I would do it just so I could go outside, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. I mean, in my eyes, we had the vaccine, the delta variant is just like another strand of the flu at this point,” said DC resident TJ Dashner. “At some point we have to just move on.”

Kevin Hoffman, who was visiting the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall told Fox News he would only wear a mask if required to enter a store.

“Unless like the store made me, because obviously stores have the right to refuse service, but that’s the only way I’d wear it,” said Hoffman.

The CDC announced vaccinated Americans could drop their masks indoors in May. Not everyone opposed the idea of a new mask push. Jamil Escobar said she supported masking up indoors, including in schools.

“For the safety, for everything, I think we should,” Escobar said. “Even the schools, I think kids sometimes, they should wear masks.” 

The new White House mask discussions come after staffers for President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi testedpositive for COVID-19 earlier in the week, and after six Texas Democrat legislators tested positive after flying mask-less on a chartered plane to Washington to protest of a GOP-led voting bill.  

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