Chrissie Mayr Interview

Comedian Chrissie Mayr talks Shane Gillis, January 6th and woke culture in new interview.

RS: How did you how did you get started as a comedian?

CM: Okay. I thought I wanted to be a reporter. I went to school for communications media studies. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, just generally, but I guess I was like, oh, I guess I could be a reporter. And then I interned a dateline when I was in college because I was able to commute from Connecticut to New York City. So I entered a Dateline NBC, which was a show that had Stone Phillips on it. You might be too young to remember him, but he was just, like, a very serious news guy. And after that internship, I realized news is not really the place for me. This is kind of boring. And I got myself an internship on Late Night with Conan O’Brien when he was still in New York City. So I did that my senior year, and that’s when I realized, okay, I’m not really sure what I want to do either, but I know that comedy and comedy people are where I feel like I can be myself. And the writers on the show were saying, well, if you’re interested in comedy, just take improv. So after I graduated college, I took five years of improv of at the UCB Theater, and then I did some at the Magnet Theater too, both in New York City. Then did a one woman show that ran for about six weeks at the Magnet Theater. And then I started stand up in, guess what? 2010. 2011. Probably 2010. And been doing stand up ever since and then was able to go full time about a year and a half ago. I lost my job in December of 2021 because I wouldn’t get vaccinated to go back into the building where I was working. So I was like, Well, I guess I’m doing this full time now, and started my podcast on Compound Media. I think I pitched it 2019 and it was picked up in 2019. So that’s when I kind of started podcasting and then started my own podcast, January of 2020. And I’ve just been trying to keep going with it ever since. Cool. I guess the real reason I brought you here right now, because I saw the video on Twitter where you were being heckled by that angry pro trans woman. I guess I think they were women. I think they just like they’re the type of liberal woman that feels like they need to stick up for groups of people who didn’t ask them to stick up for them.

RS: Wasn’t that just like a virtue signaling Karen?

CM: Yes, and I wonder how much these people are conscious of or like, self aware. It just seems like they’ve been programmed to have a certain reaction and nobody else in there, and it seems like so textbook. That’s why I was so shocked. I was like, to first see them there and then the reactions they were having just seemed like a god. Don’t you have a free thought in your mind at all? Like you’re just reacting the way you’ve been programmed to react by someone who’s saying the things that I’m saying. And I try to have, I guess, grace for these people because everyone’s always, like, learning and growing and maybe that was a good moment for them. Who knows? Maybe they went home. Talked about it and it helped to open up their minds a little bit. But I don’t know, I wonder if these women even saw any of the coverage. That’s what I’m so curious about. And it is kind of sad because maybe that is like the blessing of going to a live comedy show, is that for clearly these women, it was the first time their views had really been challenged in a way that they felt like they had to deal with it. And it’s so easy. Like on Twitter, you can just write something shitty anonymously and log off or you’re reading something you don’t like online, you can just swipe away from it. But like a live comedy shows, like, you are confronted with your beliefs and if you’re triggered like how they were, they almost like couldn’t help but yell out because they believed so firmly that Dylan is a woman.

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