Why Sports are so invigorating and necessary for every man!

Everybody needs some form of exercise in their lives. You need to use every muscle or you’ll atrophy in your physique over time. However, it’s not just the exercise that makes men strong men. It’s also the foundation for male camaraderie and getting a healthy boost of dopamine, especially when you are watching sports and you see your favorite team win.

I, of course, do not watch sports except on a rare occasion and I try to exercise when I can, but I am writing from anecdotal experience when I was working at my College’s athletics department as a videographer and editor. 

Story Time!

I was working in media for a long time and when I went to Manhattanville College for my final year, I got this internship as a videographer and video editor under the college’s athletics department as a way to fulfill one of my credits to graduate. I was tasked with recording the game and editing the best parts of said game with some background music that I also arranged on Logic Pro X.

It wasn’t until I was a few games in that I realized how invigorating it is to cheer on your team and be excited for them to kick a goal in or shoot a three-pointer. I usually recorded basketball or soccer games. I continued to cheer on our team and felt overzealous when it came to my job even while others were slacking in their work. 

I learned how to appreciate sports and live more in the moment with an appreciation of teamwork that I couldn’t learn in a classroom. Of course, I was still introverted, but taking the job is what broke me out of my shell–a little at least.

Sports are therapeutic

Not only is sports entertaining to watch, it has a factor that prides itself on teamwork and uses a goal of community that works to bring people together even in the darkest of times. Sports are a foundation for social norms and have a unique way of joining people together which is all based around the love of the game.

No matter what sports it is, people die for the chance to play in their respective sport and when people succeed in that sport, it gives their lives some sort of meaning and that community offers a level of therapy for that person. Many people don’t realize it because all they see is a game of tossing rackets or balls back and forth and wait to see who the winner is. 

It’s more important to look at it as a collective unit that works in achieving one common goal for the sake of bragging rights and camaraderie. That’s what makes sports so amazing and invigorating. 

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