The armour in the battle against COVID-19

How UNDP is ensuring adequate supply of protective equipment in Balochistan

The pandemic’s second wave is at least is as dangerous as the first, if not more. So far, it has been clearly proven that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has played a crucial role in protecting front line workers and general public from COVID-19 and minimizing its spread. PPE has served as the armour in our battle against coronavirus.

The broad use of the equipment necessitates a constant and continuous supply. But an increase in demand has resulted in a global shortage. The developed part of the world has been able to mobilize resources and procure the necessary protective equipment, whereas other countries have struggled in this regard. In Pakistan, UNDP and the Government of Balochistan worked together to of having an adequate supply of PPE.

Apart from the courageous frontline healthcare workers, there is also a need for PPE in other sectors such as education institutes. After a long duration of complete closure of education institutes of almost seven months (March to September 2020), upon the decision of Federal Ministry of Education, the Government Balochistan decided to reopen its education institutes on 15th of September 2020.

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