Interceptor: Too much cliche and not enough new elements

Quite recently, Netflix just dropped their latest action film entitled Interceptor. It revolves around a young military official named Captain J. J. Collins goes toe-to-toe with a group of rogue soldiers who plot to destroy America and collect their cash from their Russian benefactors.

That briefly summarizes the film and believe me, it’s as thin as a piece of paper. What’s truly sad about this movie is the fact that it tries to be an action movie but it just comes across as a cheap-looking and half-baked film with little to offer in its genre.

It’s almost as if the film is satisfied in being mediocre in its execution and not attempting to create anything new in making a memorable semi-war picture.

The sad part is that the cliche comes in at almost every turn of the picture. A film like this is centered around a young warrior with a checkered past who is faced with a difficult assignment that will likely get a few people killed to save millions of others.

It’s a plot and tale as old as time that seems like the filmmakers combined a Marvel movie with some of Michael Bay’s doomsday tropes. The sad part is that even the villains prove to be one-dimensional and unmemorable with nothing but a paycheck as their driving motivation for world-domination.

It could have been a sight to watch in the 90s if helmed by Tom Cruise or Ethan Hawke but sadly the times of yesteryear have passed and are never coming back. What’s even sadder is that I doubt people will remember the film for the rest of the month, let alone years, as it seems destined to lie on top of a litany of Netflix ventures that somehow saw the light of day and were only made so that viewers could pass the time.

1 / 5 stars

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